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Deepbit is a Bitcoin pool. Bitcoin mining allows you to make money with your computer (even when you are AFK), and pooled mining helps you to get a faster payouts.

You may also take a look at our bitcoin futures trading platform:

Registration is currently closed

How to start
  1. Register account
  2. Download any of this bitcoin miners
  3. Start the miner (help with command lines)
  4. Put your bitcoin address into your profile
  5. Relax for a day, get a payment, convert your bitcoin to USD on a market (or keep them)

Our advantages
  • We notify your bitcoin miner about new block with the help of long polling. This allows to minimize the number of stale shares. (extra 0.5%-1.5%)
  • We pay you for every solved block, even if it later becomes invalid (0.5%-1.2% extra)
  • We provide e-mail notifications on worker failure
  • You can take your reward at ANY moment, just press "Instant payout" button
  • You can choose between two payment modes
    • Pay Per Share: You get a fixed amount for every share submitted. This method has zero variance but slightly higher fee (because pool takes the risk). Recommended if you like steady payouts.
    • Proportional: You get a portion of every solved block proportional to your part in pool's hashing power. This payment method has a noticeable variance: some days you can get less, some days you can get more. This is due to randomness of searching for proof-of-work.
  • We pay a competitive price:
    • Pay per share: 10% fee
    • Proportional: your part of every solved block less 3% fee
  • We credit your balance instantly, without 120 blocks delay
  • We have open and free registration and do not limit the number of connections or users

What is Bitcoin?